08 January 2012

Week : 02 Jan 2012 to 08 Jan 2012

Basically this blog don't even get to start... only two posts so far and don't even show how I trained for my maiden "marathon" but one of the resolution this year is to keep this blog updated on a weekly basis.

Here how's my workout for the first week of the year:-

02 Jan 2012 Mon

Weight Training

Total body work with machine and free weight.

03 Jan 2012 Tue


04 Jan 2012 Wed

Easy Run

Total mileage: 8km (45minutes)

3 loops at Taman Tasik Titiwangsa

Loop 1 : 13min59sec (5:13/km)

Loop 2 : 14min06sec (5:16/km)

Loop 3 (WD) : 17min30sec (6:33/km)

05 Jan 2012 Thu

Weight Training

Total body workout with compound exercises.

06 Jan 2012 Fri


07 Jan 2012 Sat

Trail Run at FRIM

Total mileage: 15.5 (2hours 2 minutes)

The route: Cafe-Jln. Bkt. Bujang-Dream Trail-Rover Track-Camp site-Steroid Hill-Heli pad-Camp site-Rover Track-Cafe.

08 Jan 2012 Sun


Roughly an hour walk at FRIM which covered around 5km.

Feeling all sores especially the legs but it's a good start to the year.

20 December 2010

Week : 13 Dec 2010 to 19 Dec 2010

13 Dec 2010 Mon – 15 Dec 2010 Wed
No run at all due to work commitment… (excuses… :p)

16 Dec 2010 Thu
Easy run (Barefoot)

Started the run about 9.30pm.

Ran 5 loops around Lake Titiwangsa (i.e.: 13km) in 1hour21min (average 6min14sec/km pace). It was raining earlier so it was chilling and nice for a run plus they closed the gate along the stretch in front of the Titiwangsa Sport Complex so there was almost no car at all.

Get two bloody blister on my big toe plus a little one right at the bottom of the ball of my left foot but overall it was a nice run. The run get slower as my foot getting more tender after the second loop with my barefoot pounding on the tarmac and pavement.

The split:-
Loop 1 : 15m07.01s
Loop 2 : 15m17.94s
Loop 3 : 16m20.66s
Loop 4 : 16m37.31s
Loop 5 : 17m17.41s
Total time : 1hr20m40s

17 Dec 2010 Fri

18 Dec 2010 Sat
Trail Run at FRIM

Started the trail run around 7.30am.

Joined Nik, Kash and Aishah for a 12km (estimated) trail run at FRIM (not including the slow jog which I think more than half an hour lead by Nik as it was still too dark to run the trail).

The route: The normal 15km loops (Dream Trail - Rover Track - Steroid Hill - Malay Tea House - Tarmac minus that Tarmac part of about 3km as rushing off for an appointment, so it was a left turn, back to the car park after the Malay Tea House instead of right).

The rest of the group turn back at the foot of Steroid Hill while I get the dose of it alone.

Last but not least I got two little love bites on the inner side of both my ankle from the leeches at almost the very same spot on both legs.

Thank you guys for the company. :)

19 Dec 2010 Sun

13 December 2010

Week : 06 Dec 2010 to 12 Dec 2010

06 Dec 2010 Mon


07 Dec 2010 Tue

Easy run plus hill repeats (Shoes: Brooks Vapor 8) (as it is a public holiday, I have the leisure to head to FRIM in Kepong which is roughly 15km from my house for the hill work instead of just doing an easy run of 6km on the flat around Lake Titiwangsa).

Start the run at about 7am

Warm up :

- 05min09sec walk + 14min43sec run the Rover Track starting from Masjid Jamek towards the start of the tarmac road heading up to the water reservoir.

- Walk up the tarmac towards the starting line : 2min50sec

It was supposed to be a 4 x 1 minute repeat but I think it is easier to set the Start/Finish line and try to finish it as hard as I could. Therefore the timing is as follows:-

Rep 1 : 01m14s + 2m38s recovery run/walk downhill

Rep 2 : 01m06s + 4m05s recovery run/walk downhill

Rep 3 : 01m10s + 2m33s recovery run/walk downhill

Rep 4 : 01m15s

Since the plan was to do 4 repeats so I took my own sweet time for full recovery from the burst especially after 2nd repeat when I started to feel the burn in my legs...... the long recovery did help as I managed to maintain almost the same timing for all the repeats.

Cool down : 14min50sec run downhill after the 4th repeat plus a mostly flat tarmac road

heading back to my car which I parked near the cafe, and followed by another

3min57sec walk.

Total time of the run (including warm up & cool down) : 55min35sec

Stretching : A routine full body stretching which took about 10min12sec.

This will be another fitness level benchmark in my run.

Target to be achieved within 2 months :

1 . to go below 1 min per rep for up to 8 reps;

2 . to shorten the recovery time to only 1 min.

08 Dec 2010 Wed


09 Dec 2010 Thu

Easy run plus 5min/km for last 1/3 of the run (Shoes: Brooks Vapor 8)

Start the run at about 10pm.

Warm up : None, as for me, the first 5min of an easy run can be started as easy as possible

which would be consider a warm up.

It was supposed to be a 6 loops of 2.6km/loop at Lake Titiwangsa with the first 4 loops at 6min/km pace (i.e.: 15m36s per loop) and finishing it with 2 loops of 5min/km (13min/loop). However hunger creep in around half way of loop 2 as I only had 2 tuna bun about an hour before the run. For big eater like me… it was definitely not enough :( I know when hunger kick in, my legs usually go rubbery but I think I would still managed to do 5 loops instead of 6 as planned.

The split:-

Loop 1 : 15m23s

Loop 2 : 15m10s

Loop 3 : 15m36s

Loop 4 : 15m22s

Loop 5 : 12m55s

Total time : 1hr14m26s

Cool down : A quick 2 min brisk walk as I am really really hungry.

Total time of the run (including cool down) : 1hr16min26sec

Stretching : Another quick one and only stretched on the working muscle which were my

hamstrings, calves and IT band.

10 Dec 2010 Fri


11 Dec 2010 Sat

Suppose to get a long run in but need to work early the following day and it is most probably going to be a long day so made the decision to get the extra rest I could get.

12 Dec 2010 Sun

Working :(